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#1 Posted : Thursday, February 2, 2017 10:05:03 PM(UTC)

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Is SSL important? And how to I set it up easy and free? From where do I get a certificate? Thanks

Michael L  
#2 Posted : Friday, February 3, 2017 6:23:12 PM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: hlSC Go to Quoted Post
Is SSL important? And how to I set it up easy and free? From where do I get a certificate? Thanks

SSL is pretty important, yes! It will encrypt all of the web traffic for your server - usernames/passwords, session joining links, downloads, etc. Your actual session traffic/data is already encrypted out of the box.

There are a few different sites that will issue an SSL certificate that you can use with your server. A quick Google search will get you pointed in the right direction:



The one that I use on my personal server comes from StartSSL, and is free/easy to set up. We have a guide that goes through the installation process out on our help wiki here:


The basic steps for a Windows installation are:
1) Download the configurator tool from the above link
2) Run the tool and select option 1, then 3, to generate a CSR, which saves the CSR and private key to the desktop in text files. NOTE: The things you type in here are what will appear on the public certificate.
3) Submit the details from the CSR to your CA of choice to have a certificate generated. You can find details for how to do this step on the site of the CA that you choose.
4) Receive the certificate back from the CA and save to the desktop (make sure the private key is still here as well)
5) Run the configurator tool again as admin, and select option 1, then 4 to install and bind the certificate

That's it! To be safe, before you proceed with step 5, you should create a backup of your installation.

Edit: You'll also need to make sure that port 443 inbound is open/available and pointing to your server, as your incoming web requests will route through that port after SSL is enabled.

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